Doctor Who S5E12

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Doctor Who Season 5 Episode 12 : The Pandorica Opens (1)

The Doctor's friends unite to send him a terrible warning; the Pandorica - which is said to contain the most feared being in all the cosmos - is opening. But what's inside, and can the Doctor stop it?

NameDoctor Who Season 5 : The Pandorica Opens (1)
Air DateJune 19th, 2010
GenresAction & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
NetworkBBC One
Production CompaniesBBC Wales, CBC
WriterSteven Moffat
DirectorToby Haynes
Guest StarsChristopher Ryan, Tony Curran, Bill Paterson, Ian McNeice, Paul Kasey, Sophie Okonedo, Caitlin Blackwood, Barnaby Edwards, Marcus O'Donovan, Simon Fisher-Becker, Philip Madoc, Karen Westwood, Joe Jacobs, Alex Kingston, Clive Wood
Plot Keywordstime travel, time machine, phone booth, alien, time traveler, police box
Karen Gillan
Karen Gillan
Amy Pond
Arthur Darvill
Arthur Darvill
Rory Williams
Matt Smith
Matt Smith
The Doctor

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