Doctor Who S4E2

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Doctor Who Season 4 Episode 2 : The Fires of Pompeii

The Doctor takes Donna back to Pompeii, on the day of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, and is faced with a great moral dilemma. Should they warn the residents of the impending disaster, or let history take its natural course?

NameDoctor Who Season 4 : The Fires of Pompeii
Air DateApril 12th, 2008
GenresAction & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
NetworkBBC One
Production CompaniesBBC Wales, CBC
WriterJames Moran
DirectorColin Teague
Guest StarsTracey Childs, Sasha Behar, Victoria Wicks, Francois Pandolfo, Lorraine Burroughs, Phil Davis, Phil Cornwell, Peter Capaldi, Francesca Fowler, Karen Gillan
Plot Keywordstime travel, time machine, phone booth, alien, time traveler, police box
David Tennant
David Tennant
The Doctor
Catherine Tate
Catherine Tate
Donna Noble

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